We have many different options for you to get involved at Paddington’s Farm! You can choose from remote opportunities to rolling up your sleeves and digging in at the farm itself. Please explore our available opportunities below, and if you think you have another skill or idea that we could use, please reach out to us! We are always looking for enthusiastic, dedicated members to join our team. Please email us at info@paddingtonsfarm.org!

Learning how to use power tools while adding finishing touches to the barn!

In addition to the opportunities described below, we are happy to host school groups or “volunteer days” for schools or companies. If this is you, please reach out to us and we will coordinate with you based on the ongoing needs of the farm.

As a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, we can provide community service hours for many local middle school and high school graduation requirements.


Our volunteers are the heart of the farm and we depend on them to stay running. At Paddington’s Farm, you have the opportunity to give however much time you have, and be confident that you are directly making a real difference. Every animal at the farm depends on us and our volunteers for their daily care and wellbeing.

Our volunteers get a lot back from their contributions. In addition to the feeling of satisfaction from knowing that you are giving to your community, you can learn about animals, gardening, construction, website maintenance, or managing a non-profit. You truly do get back what you put in. We couldn’t do this without you!

They are adorable, but they need a lot of work!


Farm Maintenance: We always need weekly volunteers to help with fence repair, weeding, painting, and other farm chores!

Animal Care: Pitch in with daily chores, which include feeding, grooming, throwing hay, and turning in and out all of our animals.

Social Events Chair: Help plan guest speakers and social events to connect with our community.

Social Media: Do you love photography or blogging? Volunteer with our social media team and build up your cute animal picture collection.

Our baby lettuce and swiss chard bed!

Garden Guru: Connect with the land and learn about permaculture practices while enjoying planting and harvesting our lush garden.

Teen Intern: Get your volunteer hours in while learning the ins and outs of animal care on the farm.

Educational Assistant: Lend an extra helping hand for our youth group activities.

Special Projects: We have a big to-do list at Paddington’s Farm, and could always use either specialized help, or general volunteers to help us with larger projects. Our current upcoming projects include completing our new goat barn, building a chicken run, and adding more goat-proof fencing to the property line.