Rescue Animals 

Compassion and appreciation for every living being

Stewards of
our Earth

Practicing permaculture and reducing waste 

Organic Gardening

Teaching our children to grow their own food


Hug a cow, pick wild berries, connect with our earth

About us

Nurturing the joy and wonder found on a kind farm

Visitors fall in love with the unique personalities of every farm animal. We provide the wonderful intersection of nature, education, compassion, and dirt in your toes grounding.

Paddington’s Farm is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

Meet the Residents of Paddington’s Farm 

Organic Gardening

Permaculture and Sustainable Methods 

We use a raised garden bed system designed like a French potager! It is a kitchen garden, that is symmetrical in design and is a beautiful and productive garden to cook your meals from. This is how we garden:


Using lots of organic matter such as branches and small logs to build up our raised beds. Over time they decompose and feed the vegetables.


Using all parts of the farm to feed and nourish it. Ex: the goats eat the weeds, their manure feeds the garden which feeds the goats.

Edible Flowers

We incorporate nasturtiums, calendula, chamomile, and other flowers both for the bees and for cooking!

Always Organic

It’s not easy, but we find natural ways to deal with pests and we grow a lot so that it’s okay if the insects get some too.

Plant Based

The Secret of Success

Growing a wide variety of vegetables, from winter kale to summer eggplant, we hope to share our passion for plant-based eating with you!


Out of compassion for our farm animals, we eat a plant based diet here on the farm.


Our garden gets all of our kitchen food scraps as well as aged manure.

Cooking Workshop

Join us for a hands-on demo in the kitchen on how to transform the days harvest into dinner

Harvest with us

Nothing tastes this great! Let us help you start your own kitchen garden!

Volunteer With Us

As a 501(c)(3) non profit sanctuary, we rely on your generous donations – especially  your time! 

Farm Maintenance

We love weekly volunteers to help with fence repair, painting, weeding noxious weeds, or other farm chores!

Social Event Planner

Help plan guest speaker and social events for our community

Social Media

Do you love taking photographs and blogging?  Volunteer on the farm and get lots of cute animal photos

Garden Guru

Volunteers get to enjoy planting and harvesting in our garden

Teen Intern

Get your service hours in while learning about animal care on the farm

Educational Assistant

Lend extra helping hands for our youth group activities

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    Our Volunteers 

    “I’m so glad that you rescued Paddington. I look for him in the fields every time I drive by!”



    “It is so calming to spend time in the animal sanctuary and work on the farm. Such a great way to unplug from the chaos of every day life and make a difference.”