Georgie was rescued from an awful neglect situation in Wisconsin by the ASPCA. She was one of a group of 13 horses they found malnourished, starving and neglected. Poor Georgie was only a 3 year old but already pregnant when they rescued her. She was brought to a local horse rehab facility in Maryland to have her baby. Her baby was quickly adopted and then poor Georgie was waiting for a home of her own. That’s when we found her. I had an immediate connection with her. When walking through her pasture, she came right up to me and stood with me for a while. Her eyes were gentle and loving.

Georgie was 4.5 years old when we brought her home to the farm. She immediately asserted herself as the alpha mare on the farm. She loves treats, going out for trail rides, and has the most gorgeous wavy mane! Come visit her and give this young momma some love.