This summer, Paddington’s Farm was lucky to welcome three business interns from the University of Virginia! Say hello to Rachel, Jenna, and Alena. These lovely ladies have brought new and diverse skills, ideas, and perspectives—while aligning themselves with the core mission and values of Paddington’s Farm! Now that they are here, things are really ramping up. So far, they have done a complete overhaul of our website and social media accounts, allowing us to better share our life here at Paddington’s Farm with all of you. The ladies are also in the process of planning a number of community events that are coming up soon!

This past weekend, we held our summer kickoff event, a kids’ garden party! Local families attended, where they planted a seed and flower fresh from the garden, painted terracotta pots, listened to a reading of The Empty Pot, did a scavenger hunt for creepy crawlies in the garden, and harvested their own summer vegetables! The event was a huge success, and could not have happened without the ladies’ dedication, our lovely volunteers, and our founder Meera’s passion for what we do here at Paddington’s Farm!

The ladies are now shifting their focus toward our Farm Days series! Our Farm Days series will run every Saturday in August, where we invite local families to drop their little ones off for a fun, and engaging morning on the farm. Kids will spend time learning compassionate care for our animals, doing a science activity such as labeling the cow’s digestive system, a craft activity that they can take home at the end of the day, and making a healthy snack with ingredients from the garden! We’ve also invited local guest speakers from a variety of agricultural related professions to share their knowledge with us. Check us out on Facebook or Instagram to see what our interns have been up to, and for more information on our upcoming events that we’re working hard to bring to you!


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July 2021